What's an API ?


A place is a point of sale. In the most common usage, it describes a shop, an agency or any physical location where customers get in touch with a brand.


A level is a gathering of places. This gathering could be geographical, hierarchical or logical. It could be used to regroup places from a sector as well as places with a delivery area.


A survey is designed to gather the customer experience. It may contain a series of questions (such as customer satisfaction, yes/no question, ...) and / or the possibility to send a verbatim.


A solicitation can be an email or a sms sent to a customer. Usually such solicitations are sent after an interaction with a brand (after a purchase, a delivery, ...). They allow to retrieve "warm" feedbacks when the experience is still recent for the customer.


A response is the generic term to describe a feedback from a customer. It may contain only the response to the first question of the survey as well as the responses of the entire survey with a verbatim.