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Goodays APIs help you manage your Goodays environment from the basics like managing your users or adding new places to the most advanced features, like answering a review or retrieving statistics.

What is Goodays?


Goodays Motto

Empower people who deliver local experiences every day!

Goodays is a technology company that collects customer feedback to help companies build better customer experiences.
For consumers, we believe sharing an opinion should be as easy as messaging a friend. We manage millions of feedback interactions every month with any store manager in Europe. Goodays drives the customer experience transformation across the enterprise as we partner daily with local retail outlets through the organization all the way up to the board room.
You get immediate customer impact with the first conversation started by your customers no matter what the feedback channel.
With deployments in over 30 countries, we are rapidly becoming the global customer experience leader.


If you are not familiar with our terms and concept, feel free to head for the Glossary.

Why an API?

Goodays offers several RESTful APIs to build, manage and take your business to the top of the customer experience!
Core API lets you manage your Goodays’ environment. For example, you are able to add new users or new places.
Solicitation API is the best way to get in touch with your customers. You can send both emails and SMS.
Response API offers a simple way to retrieve your customers’ reviews from anywhere.

For details about how Goodays' APIs work, keep reading!


Clients Use Cases

If you are interested in discovering why and how some of our clients are using our APIs, please head to the Use Cases section.

Goodays account requirements

All you need is a Goodays account to use our APIs. There is no special developer account.

API base URL

Every request to the Goodays' APIs should start with the following

Requests and Responses

All APIs use the HTTP protocols POST, PUT, PATCH, GET, and DELETE for requests. They return responses in JSON data format.

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To get started with our Embed SDK, head straight here. This guide covers getting started with our RESTful APIs but not our Embed SDK.

If you need information about an error, check out Troubleshooting and errors section.

If you're looking for API-specific documentation, click on API Reference in the upper right menu.

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